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Born in Dallas, Texas, Lauren Teel has quite a unique upbringing. From the ages of two to nine years old, Lauren preferred to communicate to people through songs, some of which she had written herself. According to multiple sources, including one of Lauren's old babysitters and countless family members, as an 18-month-old, Lauren was able to sing in perfect pitch and in perfect time. Lauren found a love for performing as early as 3 years old, performing for countless strangers and family members in all sorts of unconventional places. Starting piano lessons at the young age of 4 and later picking up the electric guitar at the age of 8 and acoustic guitar at age 10, Lauren has always been open to learning new instruments. She added ukulele to that list when she was 15. 
She recalls beginning her songwriting journey in the fourth grade during recess and boasts of writing song after song ever since. At the age of 12, however, is when she wrote her first full-length song, Wishin' You'd Come Through, a song that is now on her self-titled debut EP. Lauren had fallen in love with country music from listening to country radio in the passenger seat of her father's pickup, noting George Strait's "Check Yes or No" and Tim McGraw's "Don't Take the Girl" as the songs that started her love affair with the genre. It was also at this age that Lauren found her sound and realized she wanted to pursue a career in country music. 
Still today, even after undergoing a tonsillectomy, the tone of her singing voice captivates anyone who hears her perform. Spending a majority of her pre-teen and teen years in a suburb outside of Dallas after the divorce of her parents, Lauren found comfort in writing her feelings into songs, and her old soul style of writing surely shows it.



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